Multi-factor Authentication
Tutorial & User guide

2.3. Verify Code

After the MFA code has been retrieved from email or text messaging, type or paste the code into the field provided and click the Send button.
If the code is accepted, the login request will be processed and redirect to the IDSync homepage.
2.3. Verify Code

Verification Code field

1. Verification Code field
From either your email or a text message via the phone number set in previous sets of this document, insert the code in this field.

Remember This Browser

2. Remember This Browser
You can check this on if you wish to not have to put a code in every time you log in

Send button

3. Send button
Click send to verify the the code.
If valid you will be logged in, if not it will stay on the page until you enter a correct one with a maximum of 10 attempts before your account is locked out for a few hours.